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Talks and Tutorials


This is a selection of talks and tutorials that have been given by members of the Numba team as well as Numba users. If you know of a Numba-related talk that should be included on this list, please open an issue.

Talks on Numba

Talks on Applications of Numba

  • GPU Technology Conference 2016 - Accelerating a Spectral Algorithm for Plasma Physics with Python/Numba on GPU - Manuel Kirchen & Rémi Lehe (Slides)
  • DIANA-HEP Meeting, 23 April 2018 - Use of Numba in XENONnT - Chris Tunnell
  • DIANA-HEP Meeting, 23 April 2018 - Extending Numba for HEP data types - Jim Pivarski
  • STAC Summit, Nov 1 2017 - Scaling High-Performance Python with Minimal Effort - Ehsan Totoni (Video, Slides)
  • SciPy 2018 - UMAP: Uniform Manifold Approximation and Projection for Dimensional Reduction - Leland McInnes (Video, Github)
  • PyData Berlin 2018 - Extending Pandas using Apache Arrow and Numba - Uwe L. Korn (Video, Blog)
  • FOSDEM 2019 - Extending Numba - Joris Geessels (Video, Slides & Examples)
  • PyCon India 2019 - Real World Numba: Taking the Path of Least Resistance - Ankit Mahato (Video)
  • SciPy 2019 - How to Accelerate an Existing Codebase with Numba - Siu Kwan Lam & Stanley Seibert (Video)
  • SciPy 2019 - Real World Numba: Creating a Skeleton Analysis Library - Juan Nunez-Iglesias (Video)
  • SciPy 2019 - Fast Gradient Boosting Decision Trees with PyGBM and Numba - Nicholas Hug (Video)


  • SciPy 2017 - Numba: Tell those C++ Bullies to Get Lost - Gil Forsyth & Lorena Barba (Video, Notebooks)
  • GPU Technology Conference 2018 - GPU Computing in Python with Numba - Stan Seibert (Notebooks)
  • PyData Amsterdam 2019 - Create CUDA kernels from Python using Numba and CuPy - Valentin Haenel (Video)