class numba.functions.FunctionCache(context=None, env=None)

Cache for compiler functions, declared external functions and constants.


Get the numbawrapper.AutojitFunctionCache that does a quick lookup for the cached case.

get_function(py_func, argtypes, flags)

Get a compiled function in the the function cache. The function must not be an external function.

For an external function, is_registered() must return False.


Check if a function is registered to the FunctionCache instance.


Register a function to the FunctionCache.

It is necessary before calling compile_function().

numba.functions.keep_alive(py_func, obj)

Keep an object alive for the lifetime of the translated unit.

This is a HACK. Make live objects part of the function-cache

NOTE: py_func may be None, so we can’t make it a function attribute

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