Numba is an just-in-time specializing compiler which compiles annotated Python and NumPy code to LLVM (through decorators). Its goal is to seamlessly integrate with the Python scientific software stack and produce optimized native code, as well as integrate with native foreign languages.


from numba import jit
from numpy import arange

# jit decorator tells Numba to compile this function.
# The argument types will be inferred by Numba when function is called.
def sum2d(arr):
    M, N = arr.shape
    result = 0.0
    for i in range(M):
        for j in range(N):
            result += arr[i,j]
    return result

a = arange(9).reshape(3,3)

More examples: examples.

Source and Downloads

$ git clone git://

For tarballs see:


The easiest way to install numba and get updates is by using the Anaconda Distribution:

If you have anaconda installed already:

$ conda install numba


$ conda update numba

For custom python environments see:


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